Lillian Lefranc
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Lillian Lefranc

San Diego

There's a bond one can form with an artist when you see them live or hear them on a recording. Some type of moment only you two can share; maybe there's a lyric, or the delivery of it, that keeps you listening. Something that makes the artist worth walking away from the bar for. "Lefranc's lyrics are like pulling a page straight form her diary. Heartfelt and candid, her vocals cut right to the point like an emotive Mariachi singer, pushing the music with all she's got." Lillian Lefranc is a singer / songwriter, with a tender heart, and a heavy delivery. She's honest in her performance, and writes songs about her up's and down's and the perils of heartbreak. "I'd say its a bit sad," says Lefranc, "If you pay attention I'm telling you some realness about something that I went through. I grew up listening to Patsy Cline and Linda Ronstadt, I mean, tell me those ladies weren't singing you some Crooner realness."A San Diego native, she has played trumpet with the award winning Silver...

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