Liam Wilkes

Pacific Beach

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Play Song Lad's Holiday LiveHouse of Blues (Leaving You - The EP)

Liam is the British lead singer of the popular San Diego band " Lads Holiday", but when he's not got his "lads" behind him on stage, he finds comfort in his loop pedal and acoustic guitar.

"When I first moved to america 2 years ago I was looking to form a band, but for the months leading up to that I only had my acoustic and my loop pedal. I became obsessed with figuring out how to create beats live, that i could play over the top of, and harmonies I could bring in later in the chorus. I found myself drawn towards the music of Ed Sheeran among others. Then I started to understand how many structure worked and began doing my own take on popular songs."

I have played at quite a few venues inc. House of blues, SOMA, Tin roof and music box.


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