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Lexi Lew


More than your average writer, Lexi Lew is a musical experience. Singing for longer than she can remember and playing guitar for longer than six years, Lexi offers a fantastic mix of professionalism and talent. Mixing up vocals and styles, she can move from one genre to another when writing with different artists and when playing live. Lexi is spectacular at recreating hits of classic rock, country, and today's top charted songs. When it comes to blending music, fun, and performing, Lexi Lew has the right ingredients and knows the recipe like the back of her hand. She brings all the elements of a great live performance together, making sure everyone has a great time and the music mix is perfect for the audience. From years of experience through playing many bars in downtown Nashville as well as several locations across Georgia, Lexi has the talent and personality to get your stage rocking!


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