Lenny Morris

San Diego

Upcoming Shows

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Tue 8/8 @ 6:30PM PDT
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Fri 8/11 @ 12:00PM PDT
Song play light Dont (Ed Sheeran Cover)

Lenny Morris is an acoustic rock musician/band and has been featured with KUSI-TV, The San Diego Reader, 107.9FM, 102.1FM, the former San Diego Chargers, San Diego Padres, and has coordinated music for dozens of private events and weddings. With pristine vocals compared to Ed Sheeran and a gritty acoustic style, he has played several hundred gigs at many notable restaurants and venues including the House Of Blues, Hard Rock Cafe, Humphrey's By The Bay, Herringbone La Jolla, Harney Sushi, Catamaran Resort Hotel & many more! Morris covers music from many artists and decades.

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GigTown Venue  February 02 2017
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GigTown Venue  January 31 2017