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Keni Yarbro, is a gifted vocalist, musician, songwriter from San Diego who has an exceptionally wide vocal range and style. He has the uncanny ability to sound like many of the artist he covers, while at the same time making each song his own. It’s not very often you hear an acoustic soloist covering such artist as Steely Dan, Al Jarreau, Steve Perry, Boz Skaggs and Stevie Wonder to name only a few. Always thinking outside the box, Keni prides himself in being unpredictable when it comes to his performances. Comments often heard from many who have had the pleasure of hearing him are, “we love your song selection” to “Wow, no one else plays that” and “you nailed it!!!”

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Gigtown Pro  April 26 2021

Nice vibes!

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Gigtown Pro  June 20 2022
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Gigtown Pro  February 24 2022
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Gigtown Pro  January 27 2022
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Gigtown Pro  November 18 2021