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Ken Koenig


Since his earliest memories in life, Ken's love and appreciation of music has been eclectic. Interestingly, though today, a professional guitarist, the guitar was not Ken's first choice of musical instrument to master. As a middle school student, Ken found himself sitting behind the drums, practicing away.

That all changed, at around age 13, when one day his mother presented him with a somewhat "quieter" instrument; the guitar. From that point on, Koenig never looked back. In earnest dedication, he practiced hours, days, weeks. He soon made the transition from practicing to playing. His first gig was with an Elvis impersonator, Ron Friel, then he began to sing and perform his own sets.
However, Ken doesn't just play musical instruments. In his hands, musical instruments (be it guitar, ukulele, piano, mandolin, percussions, or even drums) are more than just a medium for playing music; it is an outlet of personal expression. This is evidenced in his numerous...

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