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Play Song Barely Knows Me (Original)
Play Song I Cant Feel My Face (Cover)
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Kaije is a solo acoustic singer-songwriter from Omaha, NE. His unique live show includes live-looping performances of originals and covers that always bring energy and excitement to any venue.

Kaije was born in Tucson, AZ in 1986 and started playing gutiar at the age of 8. By middle school he was playing in bands and in 10th grade his band won 2nd place at Battle of the Bands. After High School, Kaije enlisted in the Air Force, where he studied Chinese and served two tours in Iraq. He spent 9 years stationed in Omaha, NE. Kaije separated the Air Force and enrolled with Berklee College of Music. He graduated with a degree in Music Business. In 2014, Kaije moved to Oceanside, CA where he currently lives.


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