JourneyMan Band

JourneyMan Band

San Diego

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Play Song 01 455 Rocket
Play Song 01 Maricela
Play Song 01 Willin
Play Song 01 Tore Down
Play Song 01 Flip Flop and Fly
Play Song All this time 32
Play Song 01 Cripple Creek

If you are tired of hearing the same cover tunes and looking for a change then JourneyMan Band has the solution for your private event, pub, club or concert venue. We perform original songs and covers with the genre being Americana rock, blues and classics. We refresh and update our set lists 3-4 times per year and offer a range of gear to accommodate performances from small intimate settings up to 500 people.

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GigTown User  March 02 2017

Very refreshing. Love these guys.