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Jonathan Walsh

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Jonathan Walsh is a singer/songwriter raised in Yorktown, VA. Audiences have compared him to artists such as Jason Mraz & Jack Johnson, but mark an undefinable quality that keep the eyes and ears tuned to the words & the story. Since moving to San Diego from New York city, his music has evolved elements of Folk & Rock as well. Jonathan writes about what he knows; life, love and the beauty found in both. Ever the optimist, he penned his first song at 18, and released his first solo album (Keeper of a Dream) at 23. He picked up the acoustic guitar in 2006, and fell in love with it's rhythm and sound. He found a place in the San Diego scene with his first band, The Yes Team, he can currently be found playing solo around San Diego, or playing with his band, Mojo Jackson.

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Erica Kao  January 03 2019

Jonathan has done a fantastic job for the past few events we've had him perform at. Not only does he make a great effort to engage with the crowd, but his song choice is spot on and he has a great self-sufficient set up. Thanks Jonathan!!!

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Gigtown Pro  June 10 2019
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Ashley Tridle  March 27 2019
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Ashley Tridle  November 04 2018
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Gigtown Pro  June 07 2017

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