Jon Campos & The Incurables

San Diego

Upcoming Shows

Sat 7/21 @ 7:00PM PDT
North Bar
Wed 8/1 @ 5:00PM PDT
Iron Fist Brewing
Sat 8/25 @ 6:00PM PDT
Play Song Tragic Tales and Lullabies
Play Song I Can See Cleary
Play Song The Moon Is On the Water (1)

Jon Campos-vocals/guitar

Jon Campos & The Incurables started off in a rather unusual fashion. Jon had recently his hard rock band to pursuit an acoustic solo career as a singer songwriter. The word got out that Jon went solo, and some of San Diego 's finest musicians were reaching out to see if he needed any of their services, very flattering, for sure.
As the holidays approached in late 2015, a venue (Vintana Wine=Dine) Jon was regularly playing solo put in a call to his management looking for a last minute replacement band for New Years Eve. As there were only 3 weeks left in the year, any band worthy of a New Years Eve gig was booked or taking the night off. Jon thought he was in the "night off" category.
His manager tasked him with throwing a band together to perform for the venue. Jon did not hesitate. He rang up a few fellow musicians, they headed to band practice a few times, rocked the house on New Year's Eve, and never looked back.
Their EP, Tragic Tales &...

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Verified Booking
GigTown Venue  January 02 2017

Did a very good gig. Thanks

Verified Booking
Steven Fort  November 07 2016

They did very well.

Verified Booking
GigTown Venue  August 14 2017