Jeremy Buck

Jeremy Buck

Los Angeles

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Play Song Waste The Night Away
Play Song All My Broken Pieces

Jeremy Buck is a songwriter pure and true who is constantly on a mission to create a life with meaning and music worth hearing. The first single off of his VIBE album, “Turn My Ship Around”, went viral after the music video was uploaded to his Facebook page. This video features the amazing acrobatic talents of Circusman Alexis on a “Cyr Wheel”. For this project, Buck not only wrote, produced, performed, engineered, and mixed the song, he also directed and edited the music video.

His multi-tasking skills carry over to his live performance. During a show you will see Jeremy play drums, keys, guitars, synths, loops, vocoders, and live samples to create a unique and stimulating blend of electronic and organic sounds. He is a born entertainer, with an abundance of talent. As a one man band he utilizes a looping pedal to mix multiple instruments together to produce a full band sound.

When Buck decides not to perform solo, he gets together with his most notable musical engagement known...

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