Jelly Ellington


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Culinary Dropout
Wed 1/24 @ 6:00PM CST
Culinary Dropout
Wed 2/21 @ 6:00PM CST
Play Song New Day
Play Song Crosstown
Play Song Crosstown
Play Song Midnight Train
Play Song The Sun and the Sea

Jonathan “Jelly” Ellington is an American guitarist, singer, and songwriter based in Austin, TX by way of the mountains of Asheville, NC. His vocals are smooth and soulful but his guitar style is edgy and distorted rock n' roll at the core, chiming in elements of raw and expressive blues. Jelly has developed a reputation for exciting and untamed live performances, and has shared the stage and recorded with Grammy Award-winning artists. Jelly recently released his debut album All In, and is tearing it up across the country on tour with his band.

“Ellington displays a profound talent and raw passion for music, which is becoming more and more rare to find. With each note, the musician compels listeners to smile and take on his same love for music and life. His debut album “All In” shows great promise within the music industry, bringing an inspiring and unique liberation.”
— Indie Band Guru

“Jelly Ellington is helming the rock and roll sound for the season.”

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GigTown User  December 15 2017

Jelly is an amazing guitarist. His solo acoustic shows are great and he really knows how to rock out and melt faces in the crowd when he plays with his full band (who are all equally as awesome). A true talent.

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