Jeffrey Joe
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Jeffrey Joe

San Diego

Jeffrey Joe is a balladeer and songwriter.

His music is generally genre non-specific and offers what he calls 'Acoustic Schlock Therapy'. He's steeped in the Blues, Jazz, Swing, Honky-Tonk and R&B.

Jeffrey Joe's collection of Ballads, Blues and Heartbroke Laments features the poetry of the lyricist at front and center.

Jeffrey Joe's performances offer up straightforward and pure acoustic guitar renditions of Great American Songbook Classics and his own wry and romantic songs.

His checkered past includes skippering a tugboat on The San Francisco Bay, sinking boats as a brownwater river sailor with the Vietnamese Navy and earning a Design degree from The California Institute of the Arts. He's been a 'Weekend Warrior' musician for 50 years and has recently retired from a 40 year Industrial Design career and taken up the challenge of being Full-Time Musician/Singer/Songwriter.


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