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Play Song Jay Black - Shame One You
Play Song Jay Black - Shame One You
Play Song Jay Black like it like that
Play Song Jay Black - Shame One You

Hey fan

Jayblack has put out a new release through CD Baby!

We here at CD Baby have got pretty good memories. And we just remembered that at some point in the not-too-distant past you purchased music by Jayblack.

We commend your impeccable musical taste and wanted to let you know that Jayblack has a brand new release out now. It just went live on our website for sale. And we just had to let you know FIRST since you're one of the few hip and wise people who "knew them way back when."

It is called Trap Vision(Shame on You (Live).

We wanted to make sure you were the first to know. If this release is being sold as a physical CD, it could become a hot commodity very quickly! So if you find it sold out already by the time you visit our site, don't fret! You can still place an order with your credit card. You will not be charged up front. When we receive more stock, we'll ship the item to you and charge your card at that point.

To purchase this music now or to hear some sound...

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