Jason Brown aka JB Saxx
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Jason Brown aka JB Saxx

San Diego

Destiny. That’s it baby. JB Saxx (Jason Brown) is destined to be one of the greats! He sings, he plays the sax, guitar, keyboard and get this…..he dances too. At 6’6” this is a sight to see as JB relishes performing in every way. The saxophone is obviously his best friend and he squeezes every last drop of emotion from every song he plays with his friend. This is his debut release and here he is playing to some of the hottest R&B tracks of our time. The word on the street? A star is born. .

Singer/Songwriter/Saxophonist aka Mr. Sing & Play
"JB has many influences such as Gospel, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Classical and Country. What sets him apart from other musicians is the fact that his music has a devine message and story. JB's Father passed away when JB was 13years old, feeling the sadness of losing his father he put his energy towards music. His mother bought him a saxophone and the rest is history. JB began playing the sax at church events, his audience was so overwhelmed...

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Gigtown Pro  April 15 2022

What a great evening! Effren was just fabulous and when Jason arrived they just got the mood set. They were perfect! I would highly recommend them! Thank you so much!

Verified Booking
Gigtown Pro  November 30 2021


Verified Booking
Gigtown Pro  November 08 2021

Fun musician and amazing sax chops!

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Gigtown Pro  June 18 2021

Great mix of songs and Jason is a very talented musician!

Verified Booking
Gigtown Pro  August 29 2023