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Growing up as the son of two music teachers, music has been a constant influence throughout my life. As an unborn baby, through headphones my mother played the music of Mozart and other writers such as Bob Dylan. I attribute much of my creative poetic style to this early exposure to great music.
I spent many hours attending concerts conducted by my parents as a young child; once again expanding my musical palette. My father, in addition to being a conductor and public school band director, also has been a song writer for many years. I can remember playing his melodies by ear on the piano as a young child, before I had any formal training.
I studied piano at age 11 for three years. As a member of the school instrumental music program, I studied percussion for four years, during which time, I was selected as a regional 1st chair all star player three times. My music education continued as I became a member of an extremely accomplished high school choir, ever broadening my musical...

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