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Julius was born in Goldsboro, North Carolina in 94. He was inspired to pursue both music & basketball but the obvious got a good grip on him. He started to grab ahold of his gift in church, singing in the choir, being around church musicians & singers, but there was something that was always different in the sound/texture/tone in his interpretation of music.
Even though there are Christian elements to his music, he wants life, love & faith to be the sole focus of the music when you’re listenin’ & groovin’.
Julius has been doing music for at least 15 years now & Whether he’s in a church or in a secular venue, he wants you to feel the same power that saved him. Yeshua!

Erica Kao  October 08 2018

Julius was a great artist to hire for our event at The Playhouse. His sound is really unique and both staff and patrons alike raved about his music! Definitely would recommend to anyone considering working with Julius and his team.

Dieya Igbinigie  March 24 2018

Julius is an amazing artist. It was wonderful listening to him live. Julius natural talent is so clear. His creativity in lyrics and sound leaves you inspired with each song! His music wakes you up inside, gets you up dancing and also so smoothly cool while still. Thank you Julius for sharing your talent with us all!

Poppy Sprague  March 23 2018

Amazing Artist. Beautiful Lyrics. So current, so moving, so inspiring! Addictive in all the best ways!!! X -Poppy Sprague

GigTown User  March 23 2018

First I would like to say Julius is a musical genius! I've had the pleasure of working with him on many occasions and all were better than the last. To sum it up you can't go wrong with this guy right here, he'll always impress.

Jessica Hepner  March 22 2018

Julius Witherspoon is so good! I bought his music on iTunes, and I love hearing his songs!

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