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Hello, my name is John R. LaPorte; (AKA J.R.)

Coffee House Crooner, Bar Room Bard, Tea Room Troubadour, Wine Bar Balladeer, and Meal-Time Minstrel.

I'm a retired 20-year Airforce veteran and a self-accompanied vocalist performing easy listening folk/folk-rock/pop/soft rock selections in the singer/song-writer styles of Jim Croce, Harry Chapin, Neil Diamond, etc.... I create a minimally invasive, easy listening atmosphere, while maintaining sound levels conducive to holding dinner conversation. You might not even notice I'm there, but you would surely miss me if I were gone.

Please feel free to view the following link as an introduction, (or, as an audition). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkmLIP82eME

At your convenience, please copy and paste the link bellow to view all my videos; https://www.facebook.com/EStarEvents/videos

And if you're interested in a tribute artist, please copy and paste the following link for a video featuring my Neil Diamond Review entitled...

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Gigtown Pro  November 21 2022
Acoustic Guitar