Invisible Poet Kings
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Invisible Poet Kings

Los Angeles

What do four guys from the four corners of the United States have in common? ... Their love of music. Barry Keenan, the groups founding member produces music in the classic, British pop-rock tradition with a truly unique, modern sound. Critics have said his songs are "thought provoking”, and his finely crafted lyrics, though completely contemporary, remain timeless. Call it old school. Call it classic. Yes, Invisible Poet Kings music has those elements. Their music does have a familiarity, and it’s a familiarity that we all know and love. Ask someone over 50 years old and they will tell you all the classic influences they hear. They’ll refer to bands like The Beatles, Queen and The Kinks. Ask someone in their 40’s and they will say they hear influences from bands in the 80’s & 90’s. Ask a 16 year old and they will tell you Invisible Poet Kings sounds new and fresh. You will even hear some Muse and Foo Fighters comparisons depending on which one of IPK’s songs you are listening to....

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