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"Tasty music for the thirsty ear." Open your ears and your mind will follow. Hella Sunshine formed in 2010 as an indie rock 'Power Trio’ from Burien with a unique, high energy sound that appeals to a broad audience. Singer/songwriter Casey Rosenstiel is the primary force behind Hella Sunshine, featuring classic rock style songwriting and raw talent from his vocals and Takamine guitar. Shane Webster and Joe Russell comprise of the bass & drums rhythm section, adding the rumbling fuel to the fire in hard driving basslines and undeniable drumbeats peppered with well placed tasty fills.

Hella Sunshine will grab you by the ear, and once you hear their unique brand of rock, you will want more and more! The ultimate Hella Sunshine experience is seeing this amazing band perform live! A Hella Sunshine live show is one you will never forget. Onstage the boys have an uncanny presence to draw the audience in as they power through their set. In Seattle, the weather is often overcast, but when...

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