Held and Mann


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Linda's Fine Foods
Sat 8/3 @ 6:30PM CDT
Play Song The Way You Look Tonight (Kern, Fields) with Monte Mann
Play Song I Don't Care About The Moon

Held and Mann have taken the road a little less traveled in the Austin music scene of honky tonk, latin-influenced, traditional rock and cover band gems. No less energetic or powerful, they blend straight, strident and syncopated rhythms with tasty lead guitar work and Paula’s understated, angelically persuasive singing that if necessary can hit the back wall without ever yelling (think Norah Jones meets Sheryl Crow). Their material blends American Songbook standards with pop-jazz and roots rock originals that hint at the breadth of Paula’s musical influences and take full advantage of Monte’s virtuosity and range.

Paula and Monte have each been performing for 20-odd years and on the Austin music scene for over ten years, and both have the artistry and professionalism that comes with the territory. Paula’s played many of the hallowed songwriter havens Austin is famous for, and Monte’s also performed at many well-established Austin venues, including Antone’s, Threadgill’s World...

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Linda Allen And Jimmy Ash  January 23 2018

Paula Held began playing music at my restaurant on February 11, 2011. Although crowds in a restaurant are always unpredictable, she's managed to develop a loyal local following and has drawn people from Austin to San Antonio. I've owned a bar, managed and owned restaurants and been a professional musician all of my life. For ten years I wrote a music column. In that time I have seen many hundreds of performers and learned to judge their quality of performance. Very few reach her level of excellence. When Paula picks up her guitar at the beginning of her set, her audience never knows what direction she’ll take. She slides effortlessly from country to jazz standards, to soft rock. When she sings a torch song she sounds like she was tutored by Julie London. When she sings the blues, the intensity of her delivery can cover anyone’s lyrics. Her own singer/songwriter creations also scan several genres and are remarkably crafted throughout. This is no cover copy singer. Though her scope forestalls any boredom at the front tables, it never loses that sense of artistic integrity so essential to a great performer. With a voice at once soulful and controlled and a guitar that plays any direction with seeming ease, she stays at the emotional center of of her music [accentuated and supported] by the intricate lead guitar work of Monte Mann. - Jimmy Ash, co-owner, Linda's Fine Foods, Wimberley TX

Steve Brooks  January 20 2018

Paula's a fine performer on her own, and Monte Mann's guitar kicks everything up another notch. It's fun to hear them do a range of folk, jazz and country covers as well as her own exquisite original songs. They make a musical duo that's even more than the sum of its considerable parts.

Ryan Pomante  January 20 2018

Seeing Paula and Monty is an inspiring experience, and the road to Linda’s in Wimberley on a night they’re playing should be a beaten path for music lovers hip to the brightest little facets of Austin’s luster. They will entrance you with a jazz standard delivered with authentic grace summoned from somewhere deeper. They will hypnotize you with an original song that you won’t forget. They will set you free with a version of a pop tune that seems as fresh and clear as the eyes of a newborn. Paula has a gorgeous voice and she’s truly a gifted tunesmith. Monty is a top shelf guitarist with chops to satisfy. I hope Paula makes another album to put on the playlist with “Drive” and I hope I get back to Austin soon to see her and Monty in person.

Maureen Pomante  January 20 2018

I went to see Paula while visiting Austin last winter. She and Monty are amazing artists. I purchased her CD "Drive" and listen to it everyday while working in my gallery. Looking forward to visiting Austin again and seeing her perform.

John Gillen  January 05 2018

I've been going to see live music for 20 plus years and Paula and Monty are one my favorite Austin acts. Paula's voice is amazing and Monty's guitar work is incredible. I've never seen them put on a bad show and the breadth of their musical repertoire is fantastic from jazz classics to down home country. If you come to one of their shows I promise you won't be disappointed.