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Culinary Dropout
Fri 7/17 @ 7:00PM MST
Culinary Dropout
Fri 7/24 @ 7:00PM MST
Culinary Dropout
Fri 7/31 @ 7:00PM MST
Culinary Dropout
Sat 8/1 @ 7:00PM MST
Play Song Stitches - Heart and Soul Band 07-04-17
Play Song Sunday Morning - Heart and Soul Band

Heart & Soul perform as a Duo, Trio & 4 piece band based on event needs. We are well established with a solid reputation for being a tight, polished professional band with a steady following. We perform weekly at the nicest venues where we enjoy steady monthly rotation. We offer a wide range of music that caters well to dining venues, resort hotels, private parties and bars. We offer great listening and dance music.

Our lead singer is often compared to Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson and Adam Levine.

Repertoire includes current music ranging from Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Maroon 5, Justin Timberlake, Amy Winehouse, The Weekend, DNCE to a mix of Motown, Sinatra, Eagles, James Taylor, U2, Sting, Dave Matthews Band, Santana & more.

Verified Booking
Gigtown Pro  June 22 2020

They put on a great show!

Verified Booking
GigTown Venue  October 23 2017

They had literally everyone dancing the whole night! Amazing!

Verified Booking
Gigtown Pro  December 19 2019
Verified Booking
Gigtown Pro  September 16 2019
Verified Booking
Gigtown Pro  April 09 2019