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Started in their college years, Headed was formed out of good friends and the feeling of youthful restlessness. Their music evokes the thoughtful lyricism and artsy convictions of indie rock legends Arcade Fire and Death Cab for Cutie, with the sonic exterior of something raw and exciting, reminiscent of the Pixies. The themes are thoughtful and often speak of the most relatable emotion that defines the human experience; love. But that's not to say that they simply write love songs, the band could never write a one dimensional story. The characters of each song-story explore the complexities of youth, illness, and relationships both platonic and romantic. The execution is in the style of a traditional rock band; drums, bass, and two guitars. The riffs are catchy, at times danceable, and highly melodic. In one moment the dual vocals of members Sam Smiley and Adriana Roda-Stuart can bring crowds to silence with their unique vocal blend and in others incite the audience to sing or even...

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