Grand Poobah and the Four Chords
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Grand Poobah and the Four Chords

San Diego

Hello! I'm Andy, the "Grand Poobah" of GigTown. Let me start by saying, I'm not a musician. But, I started playing the ukelele right before we launched the GigTown app in January, and I freaking love it. I take it with me everywhere I go, play it nonstop, and although I'm no pro, I'd like to think I'm passable. And I'm shameless about it too. I'll play it in front of whoever and I'll even sing. I'm not good at singing. But that's okay, it's still fun :)

All that said, I'd love to come play some uke for you! I'm okay at writing silly corny songs with funny rhymes. I also have gotten decent at looping with my uke, uke bass and some vocals and can create kind of cool beats that are basically background music or ideal for "KAREUKE!" Note - Karauke only works if everyone at the party is drinking.

It's totally free to book me, I'll play until you tell me to stop (I'll understand if that is less than 5 minutes into the gig) and I'll even bring a six pack of beer to share. If you drink...

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Gigtown Pro  July 04 2016

Trans Conduit was perfect for our fourth of July party. The music was a mellow fusion of electronic and live with keyboard and percussion, plus Kevin's smooth and relaxed vocals. They created a great vibe and brought something unique to the event that everyone enjoyed. Thank you!