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San Diego

Born in San Diego, raised in Tijuana. Her music is inspired by the multicultural environment she is constantly exposed to. Through catchy acoustic sounds, she expressed her Mexican-American experience in her debut album (2016). Since then, she has performed on grand stages throughout Mexico, Southern California and Barcelona. She has sung on stage with artists like Cristian Castro and Elefante, and has been the opening act for several others including Gloria Trevi and Pablo Alborán.
Recently Giuliana has had the honor of singing ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ for a San Diego Padres game, as well as the Mexican National Anthem for the Baseball League finals in her hometown Tijuana; a perfect example of her Mexican-American culture.

Keiko Sofia Tn  March 21 2018

Love the lyrics to all her songs! Excellent writer, composer, and singer!

Vince Vasquez  March 20 2018

I hired Giuliana to perform at a holiday party last year. She's a great singer and performer, and brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm with her to the stage. I recommend her for future events.

Brú Díaz  March 20 2018

Yo estoy fascinado con su trabajo! Ella realmente tiene toda la letra indicada para las canciones y momentos adecuados!

José Rincón Rodríguez  March 20 2018

She has IT. She is becoming the real deal as an artist. She has tons of charisma and can work a crowd as the best can do it. She will be a big star, sooner or later. And also, her debut is a LIVE record, she plays the guitar with a bluesy feeling, has cool songs that sound like radio hits, her voice is incredible...she is the total package.

Janinne Olivera  March 20 2018

My brother worked on a project with her and played me the song she had recorded for it, I was in awe of her voice. She is not only creative and talented, she is a lovely human being.