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Flaviyake is a multi-faceted artist currently based out of Los Angeles. She began performing her original songs in clubs at the young age of 16 and rapidly grew her audience, performing over one-hundred live shows in London, U.K.

Her song, “Because I’m a Doll” played in heavy rotation on the BBC6’s Music Radio after advancing though their weekly contest, hosted by Tom Robinson.

In 2017, Flaviya released her debut album which reached #1 on the Indie Chart, NewshineFM radio, with the album’s opening song entitled, "So Hard to Say." The song remained #1 on the radio for three weeks.

Flaviyake has come a long way from her homeland in Moldova, growing up as a classically trained musician. But Flaviya’s unique and fluid music style could not be defined by any one sound. Harnessing an ultra-modern mix of electronic, dance and pop genres, Flaviyake has grown to be a prolific songwriter and experienced record producer.

Flaviyake has released two albums and three singles in the...

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