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Play Song 05.Love On The Runway
Play Song 05.Love On The Runway
Play Song 05.Love On The Runway
Play Song 05.Love On The Runway
Play Song Paris
Play Song Nikki
Play Song Glass Of Wine
Play Song I Need You Now
Play Song In To The Fog

The Falling Doves are a four piece pop rock quartet with a fusion of pop, rock, and punk with the occasional ballads. Unlike most bands what you get with "The Falling Doves", is an overall concert experience with improvisations, acoustic numbers and all the best things you would get at a concerts from classic rock bands like the Goo Goo Dolls, Paul Mccartney or The Rolling Stones. The band not only plays but performs with audience interaction and the wild stage antics of the band are sure to keep them on your mind after the last strum is hit. The band is not shy to wear their influences on their sleeve with stage wardrobe changes, and the occasional covers of classic rock #singles of today and yesterday! The band is best suited for a live concert venue, that can host a rock band they can break down their set to a more acoustic version of the band and open to doing birthday parties, private events, corporate, festivals etc.

DW or Ludwig kit 4 piece kit with...

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Verified Booking
GigTown Venue  March 22 2019

We had high hopes for this band but they ended up having a lot of issues at our members only show. They were a bit unprofessional and one of the band members was wearing a shirt with topless women on it. It was a Hawaiian type shirt with shades of green. Just inappropriate based on the setting of the show. Most of the band members were wandering around and taking up seating in the member area instead of the staging room we had set up for them. It was awkward for the members and our staff spoke to them about it multiple times. Some of our members left the party early because of this band.

Verified Booking
Taylor Made Golf Company  May 30 2017

These guys were a blast. Very prompt with communication and loading in for the event. They were willing and able to play along with the skits and go above and beyond to make the party memorable. Got lots of laughs and compliments. Music set list was excellent and sounded great.

Verified Booking
Bill Miller  November 17 2017