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Ezina is an author, musician, yogi, filmmaker, and a philanthropic humanitarian. She is one of foremost musicians leading the rock renaissance, with her unique style reflecting the fusion of rock music with different music genres including soulful beats, funk, and sacred chants.

She uses her songs and music to convey inspirational messages to her audience, with her focus being empowerment and the need for people to address and deal with salient concerns such as injustice, oppression and spiritual warfare.

It seems unlikely for a former Miss Black USA to speak of anything that is not pretty. Taking one look at Ezina , it is downright impossible to see anything unattractive. However, life experiences and pain are gritty, real and raw just like her music and unstoppable spirit.

Ezina breaks the norm even further with her guitar playing. While it is unusual enough to combine R&B, sacred chants and rock as well as be a black woman who masterfully plays the guitar, she wields a...

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