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Play Song So Phat (feat. Dr. Mob & Willie Hundreds) - [Warpaint Records]
Play Song S.Q.U.A.D. (feat. Control) - [EDM.com]
Play Song Patagonia (feat. Control & LVNKY) - [Warpaint Records]
Play Song Saint Be A Sinner (feat. Control) - [Warpaint Records]

Although being fairly new to the scene, English Lit has arrived in force and shown what he is capable of from the get-go. Upon graduating from Los Angeles's prestigious music institute, Icon Collective, which houses and kicks out some of the industries best artist's bar none. English Lit can keep up with top tier musicians. Producing sounds in a Hybrid nature, gathering techniques, ideas, and sounds from every genre and style, there is no ceiling to English's productions, never knowing what will come at the turn of the page. While treating every piece in the production to a state of perfection, English goes about telling stories through his musical composition, including experiences from his life and the world around him, bringing out various emotions in each piece. His most notable tracks to date, 'S.Q.U.A.D.' & 'Saint Be A Sinner', took the Hybrid scene by storm while being played out all over the world by the musical elite and the latter charting for over a month in the top 50 in...

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