ELectric Dream Machine - Live EDM band
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ELectric Dream Machine - Live EDM band

San Diego

EDM is the most popular genre of music in the world today.
However, EDM music shows are alway performed by DJs....until now.
Electric Dream Machine has went to great lenghts and expense to bring you the live rave, live EDM experience performed by a live band. This female fronted dynamic show features Jazmine Rogers and Dianna Lynn Ferrer mesmerizing the audience with some of the most powerful vocal performances out there, along with tantalizing dance moves.
The band is a work of technical brilliance combined with amazing musicians. Enjoy extravegant lights and video presentations, just like you would see at a big EDM festival.
Take a multi-sensory journey through the history of Electric Dance Music with Electric Dream Machine!

Gigtown Pro  March 03 2023