Dustin Jake
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Monkey Bar
Tue 7/16 @ 5:00PM PDT
North City
Tue 7/30 @ 3:00PM PDT

Dustin Jake



Most people compare my sound to Jason Mraz/Ed Sheeran. I'm able to do many genres depending on the crowd, from Top 40, Hip Hop, oldies, soul, singer/songwriter, and even some Disney when there are families. People really like my mashups, where I take many different songs and throw them together. The mixes can be fun/surprising and keep people engaged. I can also play many romantic ballads when the mood is more low-key.


- Bars, wineries, malls, and other public venues.
- Corporate gigs
- Private events
- Weddings (cocktail hours, ceremonies, etc)
- Very good at interacting with audiences and keeping them engaged.
- Can adapt to different audiences/venues with of a broad range of styles
- Surprisingly full, upbeat sound (mixing Jason Mraz, hip hop, and Jack Johnson beach vibes), while mixing in more folk/jazz/singer-songwriter styles

Can Play: Over 300 different songs
- Original songs (audiences love them - fun stories and interaction)
- Top 40...

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Gigtown Pro  September 09 2022

Fun, energetic and very entertaining!

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Gigtown Pro  September 29 2023
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Gigtown Pro  September 22 2023
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Gigtown Pro  July 27 2023
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Gigtown Pro  July 17 2023

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