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DTO is an award-winning music producer, designing inspirational music that raises the vibrations of the planet.

This spring equinox 2018 blossomed with the launch of the recent achievement, Infinite Energy by DTO ~ 7 songs for 7 chakras. .

Featuring seven global artists singing in Sanskrit, English, Spanish, and Italian. Vocalists on Infinite Energy include Anne-Tyler, Kiyoshi, Sita Rose, Sabrina Sapal, Tamara Rodriguez, Hemalayaa, Emma Grace, and Andrea Sáenz.

Infinite Energy is the second in a trilogy of albums dedicated to Energy.

In 2016, DTO launched Nameless Energy, a yoga soundtrack recognized by Deepak Chopra for the kirtan project “Jai Ram” ft. Tara Devi. Nameless Energy is a music playlist guiding yoga instructors and students through a 60-minute yoga class. This album has integrated into the yoga world as an inspiring, healing, and transformational musical journey.

DTO kicked off his career with a spark in 2012 when his Remix of “Love Me” by...

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