Dreamlogicc / DJ Lgcc
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Dreamlogicc / DJ Lgcc


Live PA electronic act "Dreamlogicc" & Vinyl DJ act " DJ Lgcc"

Justin James fuses atmospheric electro and techno with dubby bass and spacious breakbeats. Skilled in improvisation and always looking to play to the strengths of a performance environment, no two dreamlogicc performances are the same.

Justin also DJs vinyl records, seamlessly blending eclectic dance music from across the globe, as DJ Lgcc.

Dreamlogicc has been active making and performing electronic music for more than 20 years, and has released on underground stalwart labels Kimochi Sound, Main Drain Studios, and Jacktone Records, amongst others.

You can find live performances & DJ sets on soundcloud, at www.Soundcloud.com/dreamlogicc


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