Dr. Wonderbread & The Multi-grains

Dr. Wonderbread & The Multi-grains


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Play Song My Life is but a Single Breath
Play Song MoJam improv with drummer Heather Thomas
Play Song MoJam Monday improv with Katrina Kopke Melissa Montalto
Play Song MoJam improv with rappers Roc Phizzle Coldnote drummer Mo Gilkeson
Play Song MoJam improv with tap-dancer Jesse Sawyer

So who are the Multi-Grains? YOU !! I provide a percussion table with half-tams, beaters, shakers and the like, made up from medical mmj dispenser bottles, denture cases, prescription bottles, a wooden cigarette case, various wood boxes, Hershey's chocolate and butter-cookie tins and anything else I can find, labeled with Multi-Grain names. Sweetbreat. Shortbread. Fruitcake. Pita. Naan. Half-a-Loaf. $$C C Note $$. Doughboy. Mr. Baker. And myself, "Whitebread." For an imaginative, creative fun time, invite me, my fantastic portable light show and my "band-in-a-box" for a special occasion your friends will never forget!
I bring in a mythical dimension, myth being the root of poetry and storytelling. I speak all the languages of Kairos that bypass the intellect and pierce directly to the Soul - Music. Dance. Poetry. Art. Beauty. Sensuality.


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