DJ Carmin Wong

DJ Carmin Wong

Los Angeles

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DJ Carmin Wong is a rising star, known for her unique mix of progressive house and trance. Currently prepping her first album release ‘Cooling,’ she rocks the house every Tuesday night’s in Hollywood, serving as house DJ at the exclusive Avalon Club, where performers such as Madonna, Britney Spears, and Kylie Monique have taken stage. With its dance floors at capacities of 2000’s. When people watch and listen to the music emanating from the sexy turntablist behind the decks, they immediately discover “You can’t go wrong with DJ Wong!”

Staying busy with DJ performances, and penning more dates into her heavily booked schedule, Wong says, “DJing allows me to share music with the masses.” Noting her audiences, she says, “In a melting pot like Los Angeles, you are going to have everybody. You are going to play a room with people in it from every ethnic group. You can’t just play one specific genre of progressive house and trance. You have to create a style for who you are. For me, I am...

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