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Much Aloha
San Diego Native! I've been chopping keys since I was 9 and blessed to be surrounded by good music. Was raised on SOUL, R&B, and JAZZ predominantly. My father is a closet Kenny G & mom wails like everyday is karaoke of '69. I started gigging out of desperation to make chump change 4 years ago while going to school in Oahu. Ended up doing a lot of wedding & event work through Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of the island. Decided to come back to my ROOTS & I've been gigging my way around SD with residencies at Rancho Bernardo Inn, Solterra Winery, Inn at Rancho Santa Fe & some seasonal sessions at Petco Park's Members Lounge to name a few.

What sets me apart from anyone else?
The ability to make a ONE-MAN-BAND sound, the VERSATILITY between genres as well as instruments, & CHAMELEON to fit the color of any occasion.

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Private Event  June 18 2015

Devin has many instruments in his repertoire. He is a very talented musician who can play a variety of styles.

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Steve Altman  April 11 2015

Devin is a very talented multi-instrumentalist who played songs across a range of genres using his keyboard, a cajon, and even played the ukelele really well. He's super versatile and great for a variety of events

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GigTown Venue  August 17 2018
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GigTown Venue  October 09 2016
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GigTown Venue  October 05 2016