Detroit Diesel Power

Los Angeles
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Play Song 1. The O.C. Line
Play Song 3. Quarter To Three
Play Song 3. Quarter To Three

"I wanna hear it again and again and again" - Iconici Radio

"defiant . . . their level on the Richter scale definitely goes to 11" - Binge Watchers Radio Show

"awesome punk band, good punk roots" - The T and A Morning Show (WXQR-FM, WYAV-FM)

"I'm seeing rave reviews from your performances and your record" - This Week in America

Detroit Diesel Power is an American rock & roll band featuring singer/bassist Regina Zernay, rhythm guitarist/singer Darren Roberts, lead guitarist Brian Wu, and drummer Danita Clark. The band mixes punk, rockabilly, and old school rock & roll for a wild ride that's always a good time. The band's latest EP, "Stupid Fun," is currently available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.

Regina formed the band in 2013, after finishing tours playing bass for Cee Lo Green and Cowboy Mouth. Since then, Detroit Diesel Power has played at venues throughout Los Angeles and surrounding areas, including: the L.A. Coliseum; multiple performances at The...

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