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Deathbed Confessions


Deathbed Confessions is formed of well seasoned musicians from the local Tacoma, Wa. metal scene. Jerod and Tracy have been playing in bands together since around 2000, starting with a band called S.B.I.. Later, they would form Utterance, releasing three full length albums and touring across the US. Josh, the bassist for Deathbed Confessions, is also the bassist for a local Tacoma death metal band called Infernal Legion. Damien started in a band called Severus in late 2001 as the sampler/backup vocalist and by 2002 would become the lead vocalist. Severus, with nearly a thousand shows under their belt, would disband in 2008. In 2010 Deathbed Confessions was formed and has since been melting the faces off of any who dare to listen.


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