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Emerging quietly yet powerfully from behind the soundboard comes david ryan norgren. A renowned artist representing "...a new breed of one-man-band..."
-Phil S., Leicester Bangs UK

"DRN's music and performances "...intrige and inspire his listeners. He's Jason Mraz meets Ben Folds meets Shara Worden, but so much better..."
-Andrew Thams, The Troubadour US

david ryan norgren is a solo acoustic artist that can fill a room with music and joy easily. He utilizes looping as well as the solo guitar in perfect balance keeping his live performance engaging while still maintaining a personal touch to each show. He has the ability to keep the energy up for a loud and large group as well as a smaller intimate show, his sense of humor and spontaneity can win over any audience. With over 4 hours of material (2 hours being original) DRN can play any sized venue suitable for a solo artist in San Diego!

David is back in San Diego after a short stint in Colorado. In is 11 years living...

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Verified Booking
Private Event  June 18 2015

Davyrockett put on a fun show! He was really engaging and kept people hanging out

Verified Booking
Private Event  April 19 2015

Davyrockett is very engaging and everyone at our dinner had a good time listening!

Verified Booking
Private Event  June 11 2015