Dave Preston & the Grown Ups

Dave Preston & the Grown Ups

San Diego

Dave Preston and the Grown Ups is a reflection of the familiar Folk, Country, and Americana
that we all know and love, but also folded into the mix, to taste, is a blend of original songs that
touch on the soul of America with its authenticity and earnest delivery by Preston, supported by
his band, the Grownups. He is a mere child without them, he knows this, but he does his best to
go to bed early, eat all his vegetables, and put on a good show.

GigTown User  January 02 2024

Excellent and entertaining Live Band, saw them performing at an outdoor park in Coronado, California. Great band with lots of favorites and even better original music! Hire this band if you want great music for your event.

Gigtown Pro  March 23 2023