Curious Android
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Curious Android


Nick Clark - bass
Carter Thomas Arrington - guitar
Matthew Thomas Muehling - guitar
Sean Giddings - keys
Paul Deemer - Trombone
Justin Hights - drums

Curious Android continues and extends the Progger mantra of combining Nasty Beats and pretty chords. With a list of influences ranging from Herbie Hancock's Headhunters and Kurt Rosenwinkel to the music of Michael Jackson, from Parliament Funkadelic, to Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine, from Busta Rhymes to Big Data; the twists and turns you'll hear will keep you guessing and simultaneously bobbing your head - Hard.
"We like a lot of different music, both individually and collectively."

-Matt Muehling, Curious Android collaborator/band member.
Combine the vast palette with a who's who of the Austin professional music scene and the results are positively dangerous.
Curious Android personnel can be found contributing their musical skills to the likes of Progger, Snarky...

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