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Coyote Sunrise


Coyote Sunrise is a five member band in Southern California that covers top Country and Rock Music.

Marie Palmer  January 06 2024

We have listened to Coyote Sunrise at different events, from the Orange County Fair to private events. They NEVER disappoint! You can't sit down while they are playing, you gotta get up and dance! The band and the vocals are great! If you get a chance to see them, don't miss out!

Larry Brandt  January 05 2024

Great band. Good variety of music dedicated to performing as close to the original as possible. Set list changes up frequently enough you will always hear new selections in addition to the usual crowd favorites. Easy on the ears, too. No guitar hero egos here. They can adapt to any room and audience.

Rachel Carter  January 04 2024

Coyote Sunrise are so fun to watch, what great energy they've got! Amazing voices from each vocalist, incredible songs in their set list. Sometimes you can't help but sing along and other times you just want to listen. A great range of instruments all the way from guitar to sax to cowbell! Always want to dance when they get playing. Seen them a handful of times now and am always delighted to hear about new gigs I can see. Top notch!

Ken Whitehead  January 04 2024

Coyote Sunrise is a band that makes you want to get up and dance. They go from rock to country and don't miss a beat. They are a fun group with high energy and interact well with the crowd. I would highly recommend seeing them.

Thomas Arnold  January 04 2024

Coyote Sunrise is one band I will always drop everything to see. They create a very welcoming environment and seem to enjoy playing as much as the audience enjoys listening. The dance floor is always crowded and seems a wonderful time is had by all!