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Christina Sofina

Los Angeles

Christina currently performs with her uplifting and energetic Get Ready show (3 songs - Get Ready,Go Hard, So Natural), while collaborating with a hip hop choreographer Josh Curtis (Founder of J3K Dance Company) and being consulted by a world-renown teacher on samba and world dance Julie Simon to put together a show for her new R'n'b/Pop Brazilian-inspired Endless Summer EP to be released in Fall 2015. The show will consist of 4 songs:
Flip The Switch - Brazilian-influenced fast paced pop/rnb tune with a catchy chorus and a lot of drums.
Control - Sexy rnb joint with Indian citara and Middle Eastern samples.
Play That - Slow and sensual new school fix. Chair performance.
Island Summertime - high energy, reggaeton-like and happy final track.

There are 3 performing variants:
1. Solo (Christina + instrumentals/DJ) - ideal for private/corporate gigs, easiest to book.
2. Show (Christina + 2 dancers) - best for smaller stages *please book ahead of time*
3. Big show (Christina + 15...

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