Cherokee Blues
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Cherokee Blues


Chicago native. California resident. Self taught guitar player. Since 2016 I discovered something that I never planned on doing. Playing rhythm portion of a song or ballad. I was a Carlos Santana wannabe, though keep in mind I never emulated anyone's style(bite)(oldskool). But I admired and enjoyed the soloist activities in all songs that I've listened to. I have a New Sound and Genre of blues, hip hop?,rock(hard,country,pop) As a former turntablist(D.J./M.C.)from the beginning of rap /shots out k.r.s.ONE, CHUCK-D,RAKIM,L.L.,KOOLMO-D,FATBOYS,D.M.C.,CURTISblow,Herbie Hancock, etc...
oneLove ,#nocolorlines


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