Chantel Roche
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Chantel Roche

San Diego

Chantal sings the songs of many lands From Classic and Jazz songs to Romantic Ballads completed by a savvy repertoire; her deep emotional strength and passion often leads audiences to laugh, play and even cry. Chantal is an international vocalist par excellence. She sings fluently in styling English, French Cabaret, Spanish Ballads, Brazilian Jazz, and Middle eastern. Adjectives that are often used to describe Chantal are "Charismatic, Enchanting, Dramatic, Alluring, Sultry, Captivating, and Fascinating". Chantal is currently working on a CD performing songs in several different languages which will display her versatility and breadth of vocal interpretations and deep emotional range that always captivates her audiences.

French chanteuse Chantal has the power to magically transport her listeners to exotic far away lands without booking a flight. Her masterful translation of beautiful love songs are a sure delight as they often bring tears of joy and laughter. Her versatility...

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