Carissa Schroeder

Carissa Schroeder

San Diego

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Play Song Can't Find My Way Home
Play Song Don't Come Easy
Play Song Fortunate Son

I love singing the classics - Led Zeppein, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Who - you name it. I have such a love for old rock and roll, and it gets a really cool update in my band. Firstly, most of the lead vocals are covered by me, a girl. There are only a handful of songs that I cover that were originally recorded with female vocals on them, so it really gives the song a new feel. Also, I love vocal harmonies, so I tend to work with guitarists who can also sing. Acoustic guitar arrangements also allow these songs to shine in a smaller venue, you can have your rock and roll cake and eat it too (a.k.a. - it's not screaming loud). I can work with as small as just one other musician all the way up to a five-piece fully amplified band, so if you love rock, blues, and a wee bit of folk, then we can make it happen for you and your crowd. Peace!

GigTown User  July 08 2017

Nice artist and performance

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