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Play Song Your Life

Folk rock singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Greg Brooks crafts compelling tunes that sparkle with infectious hooks, ear-pleasing vocal harmonies and homespun lyrics that tell tales of his colorful journey. His heartfelt music incorporates flavors found in classic rock, blues, folk, bluegrass and jazz and celebrates the tradition cultivated by the musical philosophers and spellbinding performers he most admires, including The Moody Blues, David Gray, Paul McCartney, Collective Soul, The Foo Fighters and Crosby, Stills & Nash. Through meticulously-arranged recordings and energetic live performances brimming with grooving bass lines and resonant guitar melodies that intertwine with the dynamic textures of his soulful voice, Brooks invites listeners to collect his songs like rare butterflies.

Brooks was born in Colorado Springs and immediately enjoyed the thrill of discovering new sounds. He reveled in the many stories his father, a professional jazz bassist, told him...

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