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Brent Curtis


Born in the traditional, if traditionally obscure fashion, Misdirection front man Brent Curtis’ musical interests, and talents, have progressed well beyond blowing out amps in the family garage. Following a representative rock-star path, Brent’s initial foray was a punk project influenced by Blink 182, Green Day and many of the high-energy, extreme-volume bands of the day.

Brent conveys his love for the craft in every story he weaves, nurtures and delivers. Clever lyrics and song titles augment a wealth of pure talent and genuine understanding of and appreciation for music. Brent maintains the same passion that drove him to pick up his first guitar, if he is perhaps a bit less compelled to smash it into kindling.

GigTown User  May 22 2023

Amazing performance at The PB Local

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Private Event  December 05 2014

We needed high quality live entertainment for a last minute party and Brent answered our needs. We booked Brent an hour before our party and he showed up on time and provided quality music for our guests.

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Gigtown Pro  August 20 2022
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Gigtown Pro  February 15 2021
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Gigtown Pro  April 15 2019