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Bob n' Sammie are a musical duo based in Austin, TX. Consisting of Bob Floyd - lead singer and guitarist of the band Beat Bodega, and Samuel Quattlebaum - bass player and vocalist for the band Beat Bodega, Bob n' Sammie bring a fresh, funky flavor to their music. The two friends have been playing together for over 5 years, and have extensive experience playing the acoustic scene in Austin, TX. The band easily has over 3 hours worth of original and cover songs, and can provide their own sound system if necessary. Don't hesitate to book Bob n' Sammie! You won't regret it!

GigTown User  August 13 2020

Way too Poppy. And the singing is a bit amateurish. Nasal sounding... With all due respect... They sound like Britney Spears backup band or Jonas Brothers. They are talented players but the songs selected are overwhelmingly too much Pop, and not tight, instruments overproduced and monotonous. Over extended guitar solos. :( yawn... Tip for ya: Try some music with a killer beat first... then melody comes second. (term) Bodega beats actually that sound ethnic.

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GigTown Venue  August 21 2017

Great mix of songs and top notch musicians!

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GigTown Venue  June 29 2017

Perfect mix of songs and energy and easy to work with!

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GigTown Venue  April 27 2017

They're awesome! Fun, high energy, engaging, without being too loud. Will definitely have them back!

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Gigtown Pro  March 22 2021