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San Diego

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Black Levee is based in San Diego Ca. Their sound can best be
described as deep southern soul fused with rock and roll
borrowing inspiration from a wide range of some of the greats:
Lynyrd Skynyrd, ACDC, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Rolling Stones,
Aerosmith just to name a few.
Led by front man Dan Anderson whose sultry and soulful voice
has been compared to the legendary John
Fogerty. Nate Alan and Mike Marabeas, with
their emotion, fire and style share the
responsibilities of lead and rhythm guitars.
Their songs cut right to the melodic and
rhythmic core of both the blues and great
rock and roll. Chris Stead, who plays bass,
drives this rock and roll train with the
support of pocket drummer TJ Myers
creating an atmosphere that is fun,
engaging and most importantly entertaining.
The fan base for Black Levee is huge with
music resonating with kids all the way to people in their early 70s making them the
perfect band for almost any occasion.


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